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The Reliability Inspectors Inc. intends to do more than offer customers a choice of great people in a time saving, and cost-efficient manner. Our database provides a platform for our Affiliates to show all the certifications they hold, along with their calendars of availability, and a lot more. That is a pretty good start, but Reliability knows we will have to do much more than that. Fostering a corporate culture where our Affiliates have a voice in how to grow the company is key to the success of the company.

Please take a few minutes to read this introductory summary so you might understand who we are and what we offer, prior to spending the time it will take you to fill out the detailed application form that follows.

The Reliability Inspectors Inc. (“Reliability”) is a 100% Canadian owned business based in Edmonton, Alberta. It is an online agency offering a new, one-stop portal for its customers (“Customers”) to find highly experienced, certified safety, and asset integrity/quality/compliance professionals who operate independently as incorporated businesses. Reliability serves customers that design, construct, insure, or operate facilities using or handling materials that are combustible, explosive, toxic, poisonous, radioactive, are under high pressure; or otherwise responsible for operations that have the potential to be harmful to their employees, their contractors, the public, or to the environment. Reliability’s main product is a search engine where clients can find inspectors to augment the permanent staff of their safety and inspection departments. 

The industrial safety inspection professionals affiliated with our agency will typically hold certifications from such authorities as CRSP and NCSO, or OH&S diplomas and degrees from recognized universities and technological institutes.

The asset Integrity, quality assurance and compliance inspection professionals affiliated with our agency will typically hold certifications from authorities such as NACE, API, CSA, CWB, CSWIP, AWS as well as provincial jurisdictions such as ABSA, Technical Safety BC, Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba and The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan.

Reliability has developed a data base whereby Customers can go online and have the convenience of searching that data base to find profiles of inspection and safety professionals holding a broad range of certifications as listed above; and, carrying on business through personal service corporations (all approved individuals and their corporate business entities shall hereafter be collectively referred to as “Affiliates”). At the present time, no other company provides this type of service.

After receiving an application from a potential Affiliate, we rigorously scrutinize that application prior to giving consideration to accepting any individuals and their personal service corporations as an Affiliate. Customers searching our data base, will have access to an Affiliate’s information limited to their province of residence, listings of certifications, and a calendar showing an affiliates dates of availability. Each Affiliate is responsible for maintaining a current calendar indicating their availability. This is a particularly useful feature for a Customer’s planning department when scheduling a project or maintenance activity. Lastly, our Customers can take comfort with the knowledge that our Affiliates have been rigorously screened and have a documented proven track record of providing dependable, high-quality services.

A Customer search of our data base does not allow access to the name of an Affiliate, or corporate and personal information, but will allow access to qualifications and the number years of work experience. A customer must agree, prior to being allowed to search the data base, that Reliability will be the exclusive agent and administrator for the affiliate, and that they will not directly engage the services of an affiliate they found as a result of their search of Reliability’s data base. A Customer expressing interest to Reliability in an Affiliate’s services, will result in Reliability contacting the Affiliate, confirming their availability and requesting permission (by return email) to provide the Customer the name of the Affiliate, his or her personal resume, data contained in our data base and any additional data and personal information may be provided to Customers as noted in this summary (collectively “Personal Information”). Upon an Affiliates confirmation by return email, Personal Information will be released to a potential Customer. A Customer may call an Affiliate for an interview and/or extend an offer to engage the Affiliate’s services. Should an Affiliate accept such an offer, a contract(s) will be signed by Reliability and the Customer and Reliability/Customer and the Affiliate and its principal specifying rates, terms and conditions..

Prior to releasing Personal Information to a Customer, we stipulate that all Customers agree to use the information provided exclusively for the purpose of determining an Affiliate’s suitability for its requirements; and, to hold an Affiliate’s information private and confidential and not to share it any other party. However, Reliability and its employees, officers and director shall not incur any liability for any damages or costs incurred by an Affiliate or its employees, officers or directors, directly or indirectly incurred in the event a Customer releases private and confidential information contrary to Reliability stipulations and requirements. Please take the time to review the terms of the privacy agreement you will find at the beginning of the application process.

Reliability is not an inspection, employment, engineering or nondestructive examinations service company.

The Reliability business model is to provide its Customers access to a list of highly experienced, competent and certified contracting professionals, who have been rigorously screened to meet The Reliability Inspectors Group’s high standards, and who are available to provide Customer required services. The Affiliates’ services are to be provided in accordance with the Customer’s safety and quality manuals and other protocols. The Customers choose the candidates and are responsible for approving the reports and services provided by them. The Customer, at its cost, will be responsible for ensuring that the Affiliates are given the time and training required to provide their services in accordance with the Customers safety and quality manuals, and shall be responsible for the safety of Affiliates.

In order to become an approved Affiliate, and to be listed in the data base, the application form below must be completed in its entirety. That contents of the form application shall be rigorously scrutinized and references verified prior to approval for consideration to be listed as an Affiliate in our data base. An applicant must have a Revenue Canada tax number, a workers’ compensation board account in good standing, current corporate liability insurance for a minimum of $5.000.000 and a provincial sales tax number where applicable. An Affiliate will be responsible for supplying basic personal protection equipment such as safety boots, safety glasses, hard hat and fire-resistant coveralls. An Affiliate will also be responsible for: supplying basic inspection tools and gauges; the cost of basic industry standard safety certifications; maintaining safety and professional certifications current and in good standing; and, providing proof of its principal’s visual acuity by a professional optometrist. Upon Reliability accepting a candidate as an approved Affiliate, the candidate shall agree to allow Reliability to be their exclusive agent and administrator to any contract with a Customer who directly or indirectly found that Affiliate as a result of a search of Reliability’s data base.

Should a Customer engage an Affiliate’s services, Reliability will confirm the Affiliate’s hourly charges and expenses on its invoices matched to the time sheets and expense sheets approved by the Customer. The Affiliates invoices shall be sent to Reliability, which will in turn forward its invoices to the Customer inclusive of service charges agreed to by Reliability and the Customer. Affiliates will receive payment of their approved invoice upon a Customer’s payment of the corresponding invoice by Reliability. Reliability will from time to time request feedback from the Customer relating to an Affiliates delivery of services, which the Affiliate agrees may be incorporated into the Reliability data base.

In the event a Customer chooses to engage an officer, employee or director of a corporate Affiliate as an employee of the Customer, and provided such personal employment is not a term contract or involve the corporate Affiliate providing services to the Customer, then upon the Customer paying to Reliability a fee agreed to by the Customer and Reliability, receipt of which is confirmed in writing by Reliability, an Affiliate shall be released from the terms of a contract between Reliability and the Affiliate at which time the aforementioned employment may be commenced.

An Affiliate may be permitted to employ the services of apprentice personnel, provided the apprentice is vetted and written approval is provided by Reliability, acting reasonably, and Reliability has settled with the Customer the additional service fees to be paid for apprentice work.

Admittedly the application below is long, time-consuming and detailed. Not all applications will be accepted. Reliability maintains very high standards of quality. We want our Customers to know that most of the vetting work, normally done by a human resources department, has already been done. Not only does our service save a Customer time and financial resources, Affiliates will be ready to respond to urgent situations and production needs.

Should a Customer request detailed review of Personal Information and data prior to approval of an Affiliate and its principal, Reliability will provide it to the Customer subject to the consent of the Affiliate at noted above. Consider the best interest of the Affiliate, in consenting to such disclosure, in the context of maintaining Customer confidence and future opportunities.

My name is William (Bill ) MacRitchie. I am the owner of The Reliability Inspectors Inc., and I wish to share some personal details. Since 2008, I have been providing inspection services to Customers as an independent contractor. I hold certifications from such authorities as API, CSA, CSWIP and ABSA, and have been fortunate to have obtained repeat contracts with my Customers. However, I do understand how hard it is to stay in business, how much it costs and the difficulties of being a contractor in a competitive business climate. Contracting as a private inspector translates to working harder and trying harder. Your reputation and opportunities are only as good as your last job.

There is a dichotomy in our industry, in that the majority of inspection work on the equipment that keeps industry running safely, reliably and profitably cannot be done until that equipment has been taken out of service. Yet for a plant to remain profitable, it must keep its’ downtime to a minimum. When the time comes to shut a plant down, to do maintenance and inspection, the Customer typically brings in large numbers of inspectors and safety professionals to get the job done quickly, and to get the plant back in service. When the work is done, it is simply not economically viable for many Customers to keep the numbers and variety of inspection and safety specialists on a full-time basis. Nevertheless, industry simply would not be capable of operating safely, reliably and profitably were it not for the services provided to them by contract inspection and safety professionals. Our work really does matter!

Fortunately, there is a demand for our types of services in a broad variety of activities ranging from new construction projects, short term maintenance jobs, short term replacement of permanent staff and other areas.

When the time comes that a Customer needs to do another plant outage, major maintenance, or major projects execution, and the Customer needs to find inspectors and safety specialists, our focus is to fill that need emphasizing value on quality and experience. We believe our Customers and Affiliates deserve that type of focus and attention.

Core values of Reliability include building a team of Affiliates that appreciate the value of quality, experience and a commitment to fulfilling the needs of its’ Customers under the umbrella of a company valuing their services and a commitment to two-way communication. As Reliability grows, we intend to put a high priority on continuing education and access to shared technical resources, something that has been lacking in our industry. We believe Customers will develop a high appreciation for the Reliability team, in turn allowing its members a greater measure of security and prosperity.

So, I have done my best to provide my vision for Reliability. If you wish to join our team, please complete the application form. It will likely take quite a bit of time to complete.  The application form is so detailed because we want our customers to know that the approved affiliates found in our data base have been fully vetted, and are ready to provide their services within the times they say they are available within their own calendar in the data base. You will not have to fill in the dates you are available to work until you are approved to be an affiliate with the company. Remember as well, that a customer searching our data base does not see your name, or personal and corporate details. Should a customer express interest in using the services of a professional found within the data base, we contact you by way of email, and also possibly a phone call, and receive your permission in the form of an email to release your full details to the customer prior to doing so.

In order to complete the following application form in the shortest amount of time, it is best to have the following ready before you start filling out the application:

1. Scan a copy of the certificate of incorporation for your company and save it.

2. Scan a copy of your company's liability insurance for $5,000,000 and save it.

3. Scan all your professional certifications (API, NACE, CSA, CSWIP, CGSB, BCRSP, NCSO etc.) together in a single file and save it.

4. Scan all your safety certification (Confined space, H2S Alive, Fall Arrest, Permit Receiving, Smith Driving etc) together in a single file and save it.

5. Scan a copy of your professional engineer's license (if applicable) and save it

6. Scan a copy of your personal resume and save it.

7. For the names of your two emergency contacts, have their emails and telephone numbers ready.

8. For your work history, have the names of your customers or employers for the last five years. Have their company names, supervisor's name and position in the company, the position(s) you held, your duties, your start work date. end work date, and reason for leaving. Have your supervisor's email and phone numbers ready. They will be asked to verify your work experience in the form of an email which will be kept with your file. Note: We will verify your work history.

9. For your personal references, have their names, emails and phone numbers ready.

10. Have your company's Revenue Canada GST number ready, and have your company's provincial sales tax account number ready (where applicable).

11. Have your company's WCB account number ready.

If you have all of the above readily available, you should be ready to apply. I look forward to working with you. My plan is to work with our affiliates using a team approach and listening to your suggestions. We will build this company together and make it one with which we all will be proud to be affiliated.

If you have any questions or need any help with the application, please email : . Also, if you hold certifications from a certifying authority not listed, but relevant to the inspection and safety departments described above, send in you resume anyway! We will adjust and amend our database in anyway necessary to serve you, and our customers better. We look forward to hearing from you.

William (Bill) MacRitchie

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