About Us

Reliability Inspectors Inc., a 100% Canadian-owned business based in Edmonton Alberta, provides a valuable service by connecting customers with certified industrial inspection professionals.

Key Points

  • Affiliated Professionals: The company outsources affiliated industrial inspection professionals who provide services under a common brand of excellence. The company’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is the foundation upon which that brand of excellence is earned.
  • Online Search Engine: This convenient feature allows customers to go online and find inspectors best matching their needs in a timely and efficient way.
  • Certification Display: Inspectors can freely showcase all their various professional certifications on this platform. It acts as a centralized location for displaying their credentials.
  • Availability Calendars: The platform also allows inspectors to present their availability schedules. Customers can easily view when these inspectors are available to provide their services. This feature greatly assists the customer’s planners when they are determining the best times to schedule projects and maintenance turnarounds.
  • Meticulous Vetting Process: Before being invited to be an affiliate, each applicant’s corporate and professional credentials undergo thorough vetting. This process streamlines review by customer HR and management teams, thereby saving them time and money.


Affiliated inspectors hold certifications from various authorities, including:

  • NBIC - National Board of Boiler Inspectors
  • AMPP - The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (formerly NACE + SSPC)
  • API - The American Petroleum Institute
  • CSA - The Canadian Standards Association
  • CWB - The Canadian Welding Bureau
  • CGSB – Canadian Government Standards Board
  • ASNT – The American Society of Non-Destructive Testing
  • CSWIP - Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel
  • AWS - The American Welding Society
  • Provincial jurisdictions such as ABSA-Alberta Boilers Safety Association, Technical Safety BC, and The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan

Corporate Needs

Large corporations often require services from professionals with certifications from the above-mentioned authorities. These needs can be temporary, short-term, or longer-term. Some customers may even assess an affiliate’s suitability before offering permanent employment.

Customer Responsibility

Reliability Inspectors Inc. is not an inspection agency and does not do third-party inspections. Customers are responsible for accepting the reports and services provided to them by the affiliates. Affiliates provide their services strictly in accordance with the customer's quality management and safety programs. Customers are responsible for ensuring the safety of our affiliates and for accepting the reports and services provided to them.

“Reliability Inspectors Inc. aims to be the brand of choice for customers who invest in the services of our certified inspection professionals. We connect the best professionals to the most demanding customers. Our customers deserve nothing less.”

- William MacRitchie, Co-Founder and CEO