About Us

The Reliability Inspectors Inc. (Reliability) is an online outsourcing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our customers build, design, construct, insure or own industrial facilities that are constructed to the highest engineering standards and are operated in accordance with the owner's quality and safety manuals. We provide our customers a selection of only the most competent and experienced certified inspectors to augment the permanent staff of their safety and inspection departments. Reliability has built a database where registered customers can go online and choose the most suitably certified professionals. We match the best professionals to the most demanding customers in a way that is faster, easier, online, and at a lower cost.  Our registered affiliates hold certifications from the following certifying authorities:  API, ABSA, Technical Safety BC, Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan, Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba, CSA, CWB, NACE, CSRP, NCSO, as well as consultants with diplomas and degrees focused on OH&S. All affiliates registered in Reliability’s database provide services through their own personal corporations and have a proven record of customer satisfaction. Their professional and corporate credentials, as well as their work experience references have been rigorously screened. The process of each Affiliate's screening is documented and readily available for review by registered customer’s management and human resources departments.                                                                                                   
Reliability is not an inspection agency, and we do not do third-party inspections. Our affiliates provide their services in accordance with the customer's registered quality and safety manuals. The customer is responsible for approving all reports and services provided by our registered affiliates. Unlike many other outsourcing agencies whose focus is to provide "bodies" at the lowest possible cost, we focus on quality. The Reliability Inspectors Inc, is an inspector owned company. We understand the customer's needs because we have worked in the field, and have actually performed the types of inspection positions our customers need to fill. We understand the differences between certification requirements for different types of asset integrity, welding and technical safety inspection roles. We offer the customer a selection of only the most experienced, competent, certified inspection and safety professionals. Smart companies know that the quality of the professionals they choose to use in their inspection and safety divisions is an investment that is key to the predictable and profitable operation of their business. Using competent, experienced professionals protects the safety of a company's employees, its contractors, the general public, the environment, investor confidence, and the owners reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.