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Welcome,  If your company needs certified professionals to fill short or medium term positions in your asset-integrity, quality control, quality assurance, or pressure equipment inspection divisions, you have come to the right place. Reliability Inspectors Inc. is an affiliation of independent certified inspection consultants who provide their services under a common brand of excellence. Customers have the convenience of being able to go online, and see the full range of each of our affiliate's qualifications,, the number of years experience they have in each certification method, and their calendars of availability.         
Asset-integrity and pressure equipment inspection professionals affiliated with our registry typically hold certifications from authorities like NBBI, NACE, API, CSA, CWB, CSWIP, AWS and provincial jurisdictions like ABSA, Technical Safety BC, Inspection and The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan. Some of our affiliates are also professional engineers.
Reliability is not an inspection agency, and does not perform third-party inspections. Affiliates perform services in strict accordance with the customer's quality and safety manuals and policies. The customer is responsible for accepting the reports and services provided to them. Customers searching our database agree to use Reliability as the contract administrator for contracts between the Customer and suitable Affiliates they found in the registry. Reliability adds its fee to the Affiliate's invoices.
Here is how our system works.
1. Registered customers can conveniently search online to find available inspection professionals holding the certifications that best match their needs. They can see the full range of each Affiliate's professional and safety certifications, and how much experience they have in each category. They can see each inspector's schedule of availability. They cannot see the inspector's name, or the name of their company for obvious privacy and legal reasons. Affiliates must first agree to have their data released to a potential customer before it is released.

2. As a condition of being approved for registry, each Affiliate must have a certificate of incorporation for the company through which they will be providing services, have business numbers for taxation purposes, WCB accounts in good standing, and corporate liability insurance for $5,000,000. Reliability thoroughly scrutinizes each applicants corporate, safety and professional credentials. The vetting process is documented and readily available for a quick review by your company's HR department and management team. We save you time and money because most of the legwork has already been done.
3.  To maintain consistency and uniformity in service delivery, our Affiliates adhere to Reliability‚Äôs Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. 
4. Reliability has invested considerable capitol in legal services to ensure our contracts protect the privacy and intellectual property of our Affiliates, and of our Customers. We use two-factor verification to further protect the privacy and security of our Customers and Affiliates. If a customer sees a suitable candidate through searching our database, they contact Reliability. Reliability contacts the inspector and requests their permission, via an email, to release their data to the customer. Affiliates negotiate the terms and rates with the customers using Reliability as an intermediator.
5. Customers wishing to hire an Affiliate as a full-time employee can do so if the Affiliate wishes to accept their offer. In that case, Reliability will charge a contractually pre-negotiated finders fee. 
6. Reliability's Affiliates are professionals who have a proven record of customer service. That does not mean that Reliability has no place for newly certified inspectors. In fact, we encourage them to apply for registration as an Affiliate. Once registered, we will do our best to help them find positions where they will work under the guidance and mentorship of more experienced inspectors.
7. Customers who agree to the terms of our contracts will be given a link that provides them access to our registry.
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