The Reliability Inspectors Inc.
An online outsourcing agency offering a superior selection of certified industrial safety, welding, and asset integrity inspection consultants

  Wise managers know that investing in competent, certified inspection and safety professionals is key to their company's safe, dependable, predictable, and profitable operation.

How it works

First step

Candidates apply to become a registered Affiliate.

Second step

Reliability verifies and documents each applicant's corporate and insurance credentials, their academic, journeyman, professional and safety certifications, and their past work experience references. Selected applicants are invited to be registered as an Affiliate of The Reliability Inspectors Inc, and listed in our database.

Third step

Registered customers searching our database can view the full range of each registered Affiliate's professional and safety certifications, their calendars of availability, and the province and city in which they live. Reliability , as agent for the Affiliate, is the contract administrator.